Deb Lund is a picture book author best known for her celebrated dinoseries. Deb taught for twenty years as a music and classroom teacher and elementary librarian, later creating and co-directing a small arts-based school. She has directed choirs, conducted workshops on writing, music, and environmental education, taught theater classes for kids, and led storytelling troupes and student book clubs.

Her music and education background, along with her creativity, playfulness, and passion for kids and literacy, makes her a well-loved presenter at schools, libraries, and conferences. She actively supports writers, teachers, and students through her website and blogs, as well as in her popular continuing education courses for teachers.

Among the books Deb has written are Monsters on Machines, All Aboard the Dinotrain, Dinosailors, Tell Me My Story, Mama, Play and Pray Toddler Prayers, and her newest, Dinosoaring. 

Smiling Deb

Wordplay, rollicking rhymes, quirky humor, and warmth are hallmarks of Deb’s writing. Additional picture books, a middle-grade novel, and a book about teaching writing to children are her current writing projects.

Deb is a northern Minnesota transplant to Washington state’s Whidbey Island, where she walks the beaches and forest trails, drinks tea with friends, reads, unicycles, sings, and creates stories. She lives with her musician husband Karl Olsen of “The Brothers Four,” their three children, Kaj (20), Sandra (18), and Jean (15) – who can be both tiring and inspiring – and a cat, Sparkle.

Fun Facts about Deb

  • The year Deb’s sister Cindy asked for a bride doll for Christmas, Deb asked for a toy tractor.
  • Debbie,_1st_GradeDeb learned to ride her adult size bike in one day without training wheels. She was six and very proud of her scarred-up knees. Now she’s just proud to claim the word “persistent” over the “stubborn” one she heard growing up.
  • In fifth grade, Deb’s teacher sent in a poem Deb wrote and it was accepted for a book called Wonder Writers. Don’t get too excited though. Her fifth-grade students were much better writers than she was at that age.
  • On Deb’s 13th birthday, she had 13 friends spend the night. They all still talk about it a zillion years later.
  • Swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, skating, running in track, and playing volleyball were Deb’s favorite physical activities when she was a kid.
  • Deb can unicycle and juggle, but not at the same time. She learned how to unicycle when she was 10, and her sons unicycle with her now.
  • Deb never thought she could be a writer. It just goes to show that you need to follow your dreams no matter what!
  • Deb and her monsters.
  • The Lund Olsen crew.