dinosoaring-small-coverThese daring dinosaurs have conquered land and sea—now they’re ready for the sky!

But to get airborne, they need a plan.

They dinoblow. They run, push, leap, flap—and take flight! The sky becomes their stage, as they join an air show. Zipping and zooming and dancing on wings, the dinos are soon upside down and dinosick!

They decide to bail, hoping their dinochutes will work. They dino-do!

In this exuberant follow up to Dinosailors and All Aboard the Dinotrain, the rollicking rhymes and paintings of reckless reptiles are dinofabulous.

Publishers Weekly states, “The thrill-seeking dinosaurs from Dinosailors and All Aboard the Dinotrain take to the skies. Agile, fun-to-read couplets describe their performance at an air show: “They dangle from their wide trapeze/ And dinodance on wings with ease./ The crowd below screams out for more./ They love to watch them dinosoar!”

Fine’s gouache and watercolor paintings have the luminance of classic landscape paintings; paired with the dinosaurs (including a pink triceratops and a stegosaurus that resembles a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), the effect is playfully surreal. What’s left for dinosaurs after skydiving? A final spread suggests that more adventures are yet to come. ​


“A jumbo crew sets sail for fun (“They’re hale and hearty—dinotough!/ They talk of salty sailing stuff”) in this exuberant picture book, and while all goes well at first (“Heave ho! Heave ho! This life’s for me,/ Dinosailing on the sea!”), when foul weather hits, “dinofeet miss solid ground.” Fine’s (Piggy Pie!) swirling perspectives chronicle the swells from outside and inside the vessel, making justifiable the bout of seasickness that follows…

The sailors sell their boat and swear to the life of landlubbers (“They’d rather dinostroll than float”). Wanderlust is rekindled, however, after a brief spell ashore, and the book leaves the door open for a sequel as the jolly bunch, now transformed into “dinotrainers,” chugs off down the track. Fans of the prehistoric lizards will embrace the chipper rhymes, bursting with dino wordplay (“They dinosault like Ping-Pong balls,/ Bumping dinorumps and walls”).

Lund’s high-spirited humor finds a match in Fine’s gouache and watercolor illustrations. Endpapers introduce “Your Dinocrew” (including Captain Hadrosaurus and Cabin Boy Tyrannosaurus rex), who thereafter swagger, stagger and cavort across the pages sporting toothsome grins and ridiculously tiny nautical caps perched on their outsize heads. Young salts and dinosaur devotees will likely be happy to sign on for a cruise with this boisterous bunch.”  — Publisher’s Weekly


Tell me the story about when I was inside you, Mama.”

A lot of exciting things happened while this little girl was waiting to be born. Mama’s belly was so big Daddy had to lean over to give hugs. Pictures were taken with a special camera, names were being chosen — everyone was happy preparing for the birth.

And when it finally did happen, it was what everyone had been waiting for.

The union of Deb Lund’s sweet text and Hiroe Nakata’s gentle illustrations will delight, in this celebration of every child’s unique birth story.

Contact Deb for copies of this out of print book.


Lund’s rhyming story, about a team of ghoulish monsters who ride bulldozers and cranes, has just about everything a child could hope for, from fantastical characters to vehicles, from muck and mud to screams and shouts to “monsteroni and cheese.”

The plot is uncomplicated—a crew of monsters builds a “Custom Prehaunted” house and then cleans up—and relayed with plenty of brio: “Foreman Gorbert stomps over. He’s huge and he’s hairy./ He grunts out the orders and adds, “Make it scary!”

Neubecker’s (Wow! School!) bright, digitally colored full-bleed pictures of the workmonsters—Dirty Dugg, Stinky Stubb, Gorbert and Melvina—are reminiscent of Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things, but rendered in an electric palette.

A monster mama serves lunch, reads a story and oversees naptime, then withdraws: this quartet, apparently, doesn’t view tidying up as fiendish (“Without too much whining, they each do their share”). The fun extends to the endpapers, which feature monsters in construction machines. — Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review


They stoke the boiler, stow the luggage, and when hills are steep, they even get out and push.

The thrill-seeking daredevil dinosaurs from Dinosailors are back, and now they’re riding a train.

But this train is more like a roller coaster–up, down, and faster and faster, until the dinos realize the brakes are out!

Laughs and thrills abound in this rip-snorting tale of reckless reptiles and their runaway train.