Thank you, teachers!

Teachers spread their influence far and wide and may never have an inkling of the effect they have on their students. Being more visible than most teachers, I’ve had the honor and humbling experience of hearing from many of my past students. And when they tell me what a difference I made in their lives, I accept on behalf of all teachers, knowing that those of you in classrooms still make a difference every day, and there’s no profession I respect and revere more than teaching.

2137_1096326529483_9763_nA teacher I teamed with years ago sent me a clipping from a newspaper she happened to pick up. In it was a column by a past student of mine called “Who’s Your Hero?” that went on to say that her fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Lund—Me!—was her hero because I taught them all that they were writers. And if you read the bio of a certain national news reporter, you’ll see that he, too, credits his fifth grade teacher. And so now I’m passing that along to you. Thank you for all you do for kids.

After school author visits or writing residencies, teachers often say their kids excitedly tell them something amazing they learned from me—except that it isn’t really so amazing because the teachers then tell me they’ve been saying the same thing for most of the school year.

I love to validate teachers. To make sure I’m enhancing what’s going on in the classroom. To support the ones who make a difference. Please let me know how I can best support you.