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THE WRITING & READING WORKSHOP: Engaging the Adolescent

We know student choice in reading materials and writing topics increases lifelong literacy, but how can one teacher manage it all?

Using Nancie Atwell’s In the Middle, we’ll explore details and procedures for organizing, launching, and maintaining successful writing and reading workshops.  With hundreds of mini-lessons, mentor texts, and techniques for teaching multiple genres and conferring with students on their reading and writing, Atwell’s new edition “is everything I’ve learned over the past three decades that makes writing-reading workshop the only logical way to teach English.”

Deb is excited to be your invisible teaching partner in this writing intensive, transformational course.

Comments from participants:

I began this course toward the end of the school year and received such positive results among my students that I can definitely recommend this course to others. I am glad I took this course and can’t wait to implement it further. Yvonne Alderman

What I learned in this class is how to teach writing well, and help students become successful writers. To be honest, I only expected to learn how to confer with students and meet their individual needs. The great thing is, I did learn what I expected to learn, but also so much more. I most definitely feel ready to implement writing workshop in my classroom.  I understand how to organize my classroom, structure our writing time, teach mini-lessons, and support individual writers.  So overall, I feel like this course prepared me to successfully implement the writing workshop model in my fifth grade classroom. Natasha Edinger

By far, the most helpful part of the course was how grounded I feel in the philosophy and practice of reading and writing workshops. I know and understand so much more about how to maintain workshops. I read a lot about workshops last spring, but this class really helped me feel more confident and ready to proceed. I also appreciated writing in all of the different genres. It was a lot of work, but now I have writing samples to share that are ready to go.  Jennifer Robbins

WRITING WITH KIDS: Real Writing With Real Results

Inspire great writing from your students with writing workshop tools and techniques that provide structure, content, and increased confidence in your own writing and teaching.

Become a mentor for your students and model the writing process as you explore fiction, memoir, essay, and poetry writing together with a text by Deb as well as The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins.

This comprehensive course will help give you the excitement you’ve longed for in your writing teaching.



Comments from participants:

This course gave me the courage to appear vulnerable in front my class. My biggest success after taking this course has been a fifth grader who has become the most eager writer in my class from the most reluctant one in the course of five months. Nearly everyday now, he looks up to me and asks, “When can we write?”  Tanzia Amreen

This course has been such a blessing to me this school year. I entered this course thinking it was going to be about how to format writing with students, making their papers more geared towards preparing students to write for essays, papers, state tests etc. But what I learned was better than I had anticipated.

This course has given me a new excitement for teaching writing. It celebrates the student where they are at, with the stories they have to give. It encourages the writing process and shows each student that their stories matter and are to be celebrated. It also shows the teacher and the student that they have stories. They are not blank. Their thoughts, ideas, questions, and so on are all part of the story of their lives and it is to be written and heard if they so choose.

In the book and Deb Lund’s “Writing With Children” there is so much depth and insight into becoming a better teacher of writing. They (Lucy and Deb) pull you out of your own shell to engage in the writing process yourself, which is probably one of the greatest gifts of the course. Erin Zach

I am excited about the outcome of my students’ writing as they learn and express their ideas and imagination and explore a higher realm of knowledge and information. Who knows what they are capable of and where this year’s experience in writing will take them! Thank you for all the information and direction in this course. I am a better teacher and writing instructor because of it!  Nancy Hail