Creativity Coaching

My mission is to convince you of your creative birthright. You have a dream. Your passion and persistence is what you need to make that dream happen. If you don’t know where to turn or how to begin, find an organization, a group, a mentor, or a coach to help you. Coaching is the most effective way I know to make changes.


Can anyone be creative?

You wouldn’t expect to sit down at a piano and play Chopin if you’d never seen a piano before. You wouldn’t expect to be speed skating in the Olympics if you’d never been on skates. And yet, for some reason, we glorify people in the arts (which includes writers) as if they were anointed with special powers.

It takes practice—sometimes decades—to be an overnight success.

Talent only means that something comes easy for someone, and I’ve seen lots of talented people hit the wall and quit. The ability to let yourself be vulnerable, to seek help, to be open to new ways of thinking and seeing, and to commit to your dreams and goals is far more important than “talent.” So, start scratching through that wall. Begin your practicing now!

Why creativity coaching?

Countless writers, artists, and musicians either don’t get started, get stuck, or give up on their projects. As a creativity coach, I partner with people who want to create in order to achieve their artistic goals, to supplement their income, or to add more joy and meaning to their lives by helping them clarify their directions, align their actions, release their fears, and reclaim their creativity.

Why Deb?

I’ve been there. The first time I submitted a manuscript, it was rejected, and I didn’t submit again for 15 years. I could tell you similar stories for my art, acting, and singing. My standard excuse was that I didn’t have time. Then I was 40 and pregnant, and I realized I’d never have time! So that’s when I got serious about writing.

When I learned the blocks I imagined were choices, I became obsessed with the creative process and how to manage the pitfalls it presents. I’ve read countless books on creativity, studied and coached with Eric Maisel (the guru of creativity coaching), and have clients who excel in their artistic fields. I recently had an epiphany that helping my clients was a lot like rooting for the characters in books I read, only far better because it’s real! The joy and meaning I get from seeing my clients’ success really feeds me. I’m so grateful to have found my calling.

My creativity coaching training was through the Creativity Coaching Association, but I came to the field with a practical background in the arts and education. As a child, my first passion was art, and it’s been a lifelong activity. I went to college to major in theater and speech, and ended up with a music degree instead. I’ve taught music K-12, theater classes for kids, and directed choirs and acted in plays. My master’s degree project over twenty years ago was on teaching writing, and I’ve taught writing (and writing teachers) ever since. Teaching is a passion of mine that’s at least as strong as my love of the arts.

Why you?

Does it feel like you’ve always had a desire to write or create art? Do you tell yourself it’s too late? You don’t have enough talent? Enough time?

When I teach writing or creativity courses, present at conferences, workshops, MFA programs, schools, or libraries, and especially when working with my clients, I find it’s not ability that stops them. They hear voices tell them, “Who do you think you are?” and “You’ll never be good enough.” We can work together to help you get past those voices. I know them very well, and I can show you they’re not real.

I’ll help you articulate your goals, determine the steps to take, manage your time and workspace, and trust your inner creativity coach instead of listening to your inner critic! Why not you?

Why not now?

If not now… When?

If part of you wants coaching and another part of you is afraid, let’s talk and see what that’s about. Contact me at to schedule a free introductory phone call. The changes you wish to make most-likely won’t happen on that first call, but you’ll get a sense of whether I’m a good match for your needs.

Coaching Process:

  • I coach mainly by phone with email follow-up as needed, and occasionally by Skype.
  • How we spend our time together is informed by the client’s needs. Unless a client has a specific request to vary the routine, each session begins with a check-in, followed by questions, discussions, brainstorming, determining steps to be taken, and client feedback about what worked best for them.
  • Most of my clients choose a six-month period in order to really see the benefits of coaching, but three months are also available, and a cost-saving year-long package is also an option.

The most popular coaching options I offer are the Beck & Call Coaching packages and the Perfect Picture Book Package


Coaching credentials

  • 2410_1108413951661_5878408_nCoaching training through the Creativity Coaching Association
  • “Falling Awake” training and coach training with Dave Ellis
  • Published children’s author
  • 20 years teaching experience in classroom, music, and elementary library
  • Student teacher supervisor
  • Continuing education instructor
  • Masters in Applied Liberal Studies with a focus on teaching writing and music
  • Award-winning curriculum author
  • Frequent presenter at conferences, workshops, schools, and libraries
  • Founding director of an arts-based school
  • Arts in education integration specialist
  • Experienced in visual arts, theater, music, and writing