School Visits


I love getting students inspired, excited, and motivated to write. Teaching writing was the focus of my master’s project years ago, and as a classroom teacher, I secretly loved hearing parents tell me at the beginning of the year that their child was a reluctant writer. I knew I could get them writing! I love hearing from teachers after my visits. Many tell me about students getting back to their classrooms after my visit and asking to write. And when kids contact me themselves, I get comments like this…

“That inner critic kept saying, ‘That’s no good! Scrap that!’ But I heard your presentation and I told that critic no, and moved on! I will always keep writing now that you have shown me ways to improve!”  Sixth grader

“I loved how you included Miss Midge, someone or a voice in your head, which is something i can relate to. I have no specific name for him/her, but they are in my head. It drives me crazy with your story on how you over came that and gave me motivation to do something about that.”  Fifth grader

“Thx for helping a lot of my class mates to be brave, also thank you for me wanting to be an author!”  Third grader

“To: the person who inspired my class. From: the person who is inspired. Thank you!”  Third grader

“Thank you for filling me and my friends brains with great ideas. I wrote this letter for coming here.”  Second grader

“I wish you could live with me.”  First grader




Storymaking  Grades K-1

Who knew learning about story structure could be so much fun? The Magic Threes, Story Song, and Deb’s Story Recipe inspire kids to think as writers and use traits of good readers.

You’re a Writer!  Grades 2-3

From their own ideas and characters to creating stories together, young writers begin to understand the messy choices an author makes. A better understanding of the writing process means more mortivated writers!

Be a Troublemaker!  Grades 4-8

You have to be a troublemaker to write stories. Writers create characters—then get them in trouble! Tips and techniques like Quieting the Critic and Taking the Writers Oath will keep your troublemakers making the right kind of trouble!


Writing Residencies  Grades K-8

To see more widespread increases in student writing motivation, quantity, and quality, consider a writing residency. Let your whole school benefit from a Young Authors’ event with ongoing, weeklong, or tailor-made residencies. All writers—from the most reluctant to the most gifted—deserve increased confidence and enjoyment in writing!

What do students say?

“Thank you for teaching us! My favorite thing with you was when we could make our stories. That was awesome! You were the best person who could have explained that. Also, I liked how you told us about Miss Midge and how you said it with your voice. Then when you said authors edit their rough draft I was shocked! I enjoyed learning with you. I hope I can see you next year.  Third grader

“Thank you for coming to teach us about writing. I feel so improved! My favorite part was writing as fast as I could and not stop to think ‘Is this good enough?’ I wish you could stay longer to teach us more. I love writing a lot now! Now I know that I am a writer too!”  Fourth grader

“Thank you for encouraging us to write. The best part was doing the writing map. I wished you could come here more often. Your a great author. I loved learning with you. Please come next year. I would like to learn more about writing. I also enjoyed talking aloud the funny stories we made up. I can’t wait to do this again next year!”  Fourth grader 

“It was really cool how you can just get very into writing your story with your starter cards. I liked the emotion acting, and the story interruption game was also fun. I liked making up our characters. I have become a more creative writer. The activities were really awesome!”  Fifth grader

And teachers?

Deb Lund is a creative writer and speaker who brings her storytelling gifts into the classroom.  She has kids on their feet, acting out parts, making up stories, and having a fun time, all in preparation for writing activities.  I appreciate the way she understands both the teachers’ and the students’ needs.  Deb is easy to work with and is willing to interact with a variety of age groups.  Merry T., Librarian

Wow! As I arrived back today and visited with students, they all could not stop talking about all the fun writing they got to do during their annual residency with you. From kindergarten to fifth grade, they went on and on about the comics, stories, and fun they had! We look forward to having you back… Thanks so much for a memorable week. Melissa L., Librarian



Piggyback Poetry

A few simple tools can help students create poetry that will surprise and delight them as well as you. Explore the elements of poetry (with examples by kids) as an introduction to or in conjunction with your own poetry-writing unit, with optional follow-up poetry-writing workshops. Grades 3-8



Teacher Time

Why let the kids have all the fun? Organize a writing workshop for teachers! Deb also coaches writing teachers and provides online writing workshop courses for credits or clock hours through Heritage Online ( You don’t have to do it alone.

What do teachers say?

“Thank you for creating this course… Boy, am I being challenged! Talk about massive changes to my thinking, work organization and assessment structures! I am still processing how to improve my writing classes. You opened up lots of ideas and teaching methods I’ve not experienced before. It’s been great.”   Kim R., Teacher

“I have throughly enjoyed your class. Your feedback alone makes the whole experience that much more fun….I will just say that it was an amazing adventure. Even my extreme struggler created a story, and did not even use dictation. Yeah! One boy became fascinated with fairy tales and is working on a story that is now four chapters long. Two of my girls have made and published many books about themselves or things that have happened to them, and some kids have taken to journaling and writing small snippets. It has been interesting. What I have loved most is watching their eyes light up when they write, talk about their stories and share.”  Teddi F., Teacher

“I am excited about the outcome of my students’ writing as they learn and express their ideas and imagination and explore a higher realm of knowledge and information. Who knows what they are capable of and where this year’s experience in writing will take them! Thank you for all the information and direction in this course. I am a better teacher and writing instructor because of it!”  Nancy H., Teacher



A full day with three presentations and “teacher time” to discuss classroom writing workshops (usually during lunch) is $1200. Additional presentations can be added for an additional fee.

A half-day with two presentations is $800 or $700 each when the day is shared with a nearby school.

A single presentation is $500.

For multiple-day writing residencies, allow up to five classroom sessions each day at $1200 per day, with discounts for return visits. Most schools choose a week or two while others plan for once-a-month ongoing visits or other schedules that best fit their needs.

Event fees vary but are generally $400 to $800.

Online live presentations (usually by Skype) are $125 for up to 30 minutes, and $175 for up to 50 minutes. These are great options for schools that are remote or lack funding for in-person author visits.

A limited number of free 10-minute Q&A online visits are available when a new book is released.

Passion is contagious. My greatest sense of meaning comes from inspiring others to create. Got an idea? Let’s talk!