I have a full weekend coming up. The Brothers Four perform on the peninsula (for my MN pals, it’s that finger rising up the western edge of WA) and the kiddos will be packed off to one of their Whidbey “grandmas” so Karl and I can have some car time. Our date standards have lowered in the past several years. A few other weekend events tossed in will make the NaNoWriMo word count grow less quickly, except for Sunday afternoon when Whidbey Island has their own Write In at the Whidbey Pies Cafe (Greenbank Farm). Please join us from 3-7 on Sunday, November 22. I just have to figure out how to be there and at Kaj’s marimba concert at the same time.

So, today’s NaNoNuj, Form Unlikely Alliances, is one of my favorites. Which characters in your story would be the least likely to come together? Which pair would stir up the most friction? What could bring them together? What goal could they share? Maybe they both want the same thing for different reasons.

Here’s mine, a little more rounded-out than my descriptions here (but not much more. It’s NaNoWriMo after all), but you’ll get the idea:

Raquel, the snotty cheerleader and Nonny’s thorn since Raquel’s family moved in across the street, and Steven, the druggie friend of Nonny’s friend Vince (who has been Nonny’s buddy since they were little).

Raquel and Steven both want Nonny to stay away from Jim. Raquel, because she wants him, and Steven, because of a misplaced loyalty to Vince. Raquel and Steven join forces to reach their mutual goal, but eventually they turn on each other, which Nonny gets to enjoy for just a moment before it becomes another problem for her.

So, who are the characters in your novel’s unlikely alliance? How will this alliance become an obstacle to your character getting what they want? How will this pair’s pact make things worse for your character? Let me know…

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