I’m literally closing down this computer when I finish this, and hopping on our Whidbey airport shuttle to head to Portugal. Why? A novel I’ve been working on has called me there for months, just a wee bit of time compared to how long this story has been churning in me. Follow my journey right here, as soon as I land and find internet access!

And if you’re looking for writing inspiration, I’ll be collaborating with the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, The Commons, and the Langley Library to offer a series of mix and match classes. Here’s a draft of what they may look like. I’ll give you more information later…

Spring into Writing with Deb Lund



One-Day Workshop


April 17: “Fiction Fire for Teens and Adults” co-sponsored by NILA/WIWA and The Commons.

Whether you write (or want to write) adult, middle grade, or young adult fiction (or most genres for that matter), these playful activities will provide the kindling you need to ignite new stories. Create characters with unique voices, sizzling settings, and plots that keep readers blazing through your pages. 10 am-4pm, Island Coffeehouse and Books, Langley

Free Library Presentation


April 19: “Gag Your Inner Critic!” Sponsored by Friends of the Langley Library, WIWA/NILA, and The Commons

You say you want to write, but you don’t have time. Or you don’t have the right pen, paper, space, spouse, or parents. Or you think your writing is boring, stupid, and plain. Besides all that, writing is so much easier for everyone else than it is for you. Where’d those voices come from? After her first rejection, Deb Lund waited 15 years to submit her work again. She’ll help you put your inner critic to work! 3:00 pm–4:30 pm, Island Coffeehouse and Books, Langley

Monday Classes


“Writing with Teens and Adults” Sponsored by NILA/WIWA and The Commons.

Ready to Write? Teacher and published author Deb Lund facilitates this mixed-generation hands-on writing group. Come wrangle with words and the elements of story as we support each other and celebrate our successes. We’ll roll up our sleeves and write, read, and rewrite! Mondays, 3:00-4:30, April 26 to May 17, Saturday Reading & Celebration, 7:00, May 22. Island Coffeehouse and Books, Langley.

($70 teens, $80 adults)