Yes, you’re overwhelmed. No one else has your schedule, your commitments, your health concerns, your financial situation, or your precious family with all their issues. You want to write/draw/paint/sing/act/anything creative, but you just don’t have the energy, and besides that, there’s all that junk from your past.

Sorry. Just talking to myself again. Oh, you thought I was talking to you?

Guess what? We all have the same number of hours in a day. Quit rolling your eyes! When you hear yourself whine, just say STOP! Try one of the activities that has worked in the past to get you out of the cave/tunnel/dark place/funk/whatever cutesy name you give it. What works for you?


Walking the Dog?

A bath?

A call to a friend?

A gratitude list?

Howling at the moon?

Okay, so you’re not ready to undertake that major revision yet, and you didn’t get everything organized this week the way you wanted. Don’t beat yourself up! (just doing some inner creativity coaching here…) You can always take a baby step, and it doesn’t even need to be a creative one.

Go ahead. Address that envelope to the editor or agent you think might be interested in your manuscript. You don’t have to mail it right now.

Write the title for that ten-minute play for the local theater.

Clear off that table in the back room where you intended to set up your paints. You don’t have to paint just yet. Give them a chance to lure you over. To seduce you.

Clear off the top of your desk. It will look more inviting when you walk by. And it counts for decluttering points in heaven.

Put that saxophone together and leave it out on the corner of the ping-pong table so when you walk by to get to the laundry room you can pick it up and blow and few notes. That’s all. Just a few notes before your inner critic can put down her newspaper and bonbons and lumber over.

Of course we want to be productive. Of course it’s better if we get our butts in our chairs and produce something. Of course you’re a rotten, no-good, unworthy and worthless jerk if you don’t produce. And you’re certainly not an artist/actor/writer/musician if you’re not creating all the time! Oops. Who let Miss Midge in here?

Be nice to yourself! What would you say to a friend stuck in the cave/tunnel/dark place/funk/whatever cutesy name they give it?

I thought so. Go ahead. Talk to your inner artist! Or that kid who used to wear those shoes at the top of this post. Creativity coaches need coaching, too.