I’m choosing Joy. That’s it. Can’t decide what to work on? Choose joy. Making plans for vacation? Choose joy. Revision? Yup. Joy.

I just finished the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel! Lots of holes to fill, lots of cutting ahead, but if I can muster up the right attitude, it’s fun. Pure joy.


It satisfies that neurotic tendency to redo, redo, redo.

I knew I brought the right kid home from the hospital when Kaj started reenacting anything he didn’t like. He’d do his own form of charades and tack on the desired ending. Even as a pre-toddler in the high chair, if he dropped a piece of food, he’d take another one, reach down as far as he could over the side to where the last one fell, then bring the replacement piece up to eat it.


But first, a “Save As” so I don’t lose this meandering first draft that I haven’t even peeked at yet. Wish me luck.

And joy.