I resisted that title. Transformation? It sounds like work. Like I know where I’m going. That I’ve written out all my goals, analyzed them, determined my next-best steps. Okay, I have done that.

But transformation? It sounds so big. Do I want it? Sure. Would I like better habits, and aren’t I already cultivating them? Yes. Okay, I’m leaving the name up there, but I’m still thinking Transition instead of Transformation. Why?

I can wallow in transition. It’s easy. It keeps alive that notion that there is a place where I can arrive. It lets me wonder, be distracted, take too many breaks, allow myself to question beyond reason. To basically stay comfortably where I am. To name it makes it sound like it’s a valuable step that must be completed in its own time. That’s partially true, but it’s mostly playing it safe. The word transition implies I’m between where I was and where I want to be. It allows me to believe I’m getting somewhere when I might not be moving at all.

Ever feel that way? What about when it doesn’t feel that way?

Transition is not where I want to stay. There are times in our lives where we need to step up. Kids leave home, we hit major life events, changes, and surprises wake us up to what’s important in our lives.

You too? So how do we deal with this?

Well, first of all, we give up that “arrival” fantasy. But then… Then we set goals based on our values and move toward them. How? Here’s the best way I know…

We form a pact. An agreement. What is our pact? That we support each other’s goals and dreams. Here’s what you’ll get from our pact…

PACT: Purposeful, Accountable, Creative Transformation.

Are you still with me? Then stay with me, because we’re going to unpack this pact for us this year. And if you’d like to move from transition into true transformation along with me, join my email list on my website. We need to determine what gives us meaning and purpose. We need accountability and the creativity to figure out how to make it all work. But mostly, we need each other.